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Kapton Mica Tape

Kapton Mica Tape

Customers can avail from us Kapton Mica Tape in the required specifications. Being drastically thin, our Kapton Mica Tape spares sufficient room for the conductor, helping in size-reduction of the HT motor. The Kapton Mica Tape is further acclaimed for its high partial discharge resistance and increased thermal conductivity. Kapton Mica Tape is used for insulation of armature coil in class 200 traction motors.


Ruby Mica Uniform Kapton / Mica Tape is a lamination of calcined muscovite mica paper with a kapton polyimide Film. Mica Paper is further reinforced with aramid Fibroids, to aid an evenly spread, high thermal-grade silicone resin impregnation.

This mica tape being drastically thin spares more room for the conductor, thus helping in size-reduction of the HT motor. It almost sketches the perfect coil-insulation ; surpassing the best of all insulation attributes. They have a very high partical – discharge resistance along with increased thermal-conductivity, enabling the HT motor to run cooler for longer.

Application : This uniform mica tape is used for insulation of armature coil in class – 200 traction motors.

Availability :

  • Length : 30 m
  • Width : 25 mm
  • Thickness : 0.10 mm

Packing : Tapes are packed in airtight robust boxes protecting them from dirt, dust and moisture. The packaging also ensures safe transit and storage.

Storage : 12 months at < 25 oC

Product Data


Test Method



Total Substance

IEC 60371-2


120 + 15

Mica Content

IEC 60371-2


56 + 4

Resin Content

IEC 60371-2



Aramid Fibroids

IEC 60371-2


4 + 1

Accelerator Content

IEC 60371-2



Tensile Strength

IEC 60371 – 2



Breakdown voltage

IEC 60243-1

Kv (avg.)

> 5.5


IEC 60243-1

Kv (min.)


Winding Property




Note : Data is based on tests performed by Ruby mica. Users are advised to verify and ensure suitability for intended applications. The above product can be tailored according to your desired specifications.