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Natural Mica

Natural Mica is gifted exceptional values ; it possesses some of the most outstanding combination of physical, electrical, thermal, mechanical and chemical properties that are not found in any other product.

Physical properties
All mica form flat six-sided mono-clinical crystals with a remarkable cleavage in the direction of large surfaces, which permits them to easily split into optically-flat films. Mica is transparent, colourless in thin sheets, resilient and incompressible.

Electrical Properties
Mica has the unique combination of great dielectric-strength, uniform dielectric-constant and capacitance Stability, low power – loss (high q Factor), high electrical – resistivity and low temperature – coefficient and capacitance. It is noted for its resistance to arc and corona discharge with no permanent injury and maintains its dielectric properties when exposed to the oxidizing action of electrical discharges either on the surface or within internal gas spaces in built-up mica insulation.

Thermal Properties
Mica is fire-proof, infusible, incombustible and non-flammable and can resist temperature of 600 oC to 900 oC (1112oF to 1652oF) depending on the variety. It has low heat-conductivity, excellent thermal-stability, and may be exposed to high temperature without noticeable effect.

Mechanical Properties
Mica is relatively soft and can be hand-cut, machined or die-punched. It is flexible, elastic and tough, having high tensile strength. It can withstand great mechanical pressure perpendicular to plane but the lamination has cleavage and can be easily split into very thin leaves.l when split into thin films, they remain tough and elastic, even at high temperature.

Chemical Properties
Mica is a complex hydrous silicate aluminium containing potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium fluorine and / or lithium and also traces of several other elements. It is stable and completely inert to the action of water, acids (except hydro-fluoric and concentrated sulphuric) alkalis, conventional solvents, oils, and is virtually unaffected by atomospheric action.