Nickel Chromium Wire & Ribbon

We are a credible Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Nickel Chromium Wire & Ribbon from India. Nickel Chromium Wire & Ribbon is precisely designed to close tolerances at our comprehensive production facilities. It has relatively high electrical-resistivity and resistance to oxidation at high temperatures owing to its base material composition that varies in different quantities of chromium, nickel, iron, silicon, manganese and other elements. Nickel Chromium Wire & Ribbon is used in electric heating elements, rheostats and resistance units. We make available Nickel Chromium Wire & Ribbon in different sizes to suit all the requirements of our valuable customers.

Available in materials :

  • Nicrolive 40
  • Nicrolive 60
  • Nocrolive 80


Nickel Chromium (The Resistive Bunch)
Nickel Chromium Alloy Generally comprises Nickel, Chromium, iron, carbon, silicon, manganese and some other trace elements in small quantities. It has relatively high electrical-resistivity and resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. It is widely used in electric heating elements, rheostats and resistance units, while its excellent corrosion-resistance properties lends itself useful to applications requiring exposure to acids and other corrosive chemicals.

A quick fun fact to share, "We all have a bit of Nickel chromium in our daily lives, in the form of stainless steel".

Nicrolive 80
Comprises 80% nickel and 20% chromium. Its awe-inspiring ability to quickly heat up and rapidly cool down with a mere flick of an electrical switch, makes it ideally suited to the manufacture of heating elements for electrical home apploiances. Its gearter resistance properties and high melting-point justify its usage as a resistor in high-speed fuses, electric industrial furnaces, electric ranges and radiant heaters. It can have an operating temperature up to 1150 oC (2100 oF). It has a long serivce life and demonstrates non-magnetic properties.

Nicrolive 60
Comprises 60% nickel and 16% chromium. It is the accepted material for heating-devices operating up to 1100oC (2012 oF). It is used extensively in metal-cladded tubular-heating elements. It renders compact units capability to withstand servere overloads and short circuits without damage or circuit impairment. It has excellent weld-ability and demonstrates moderate magnetic properties.

Nicrolive 40
Comprises 40% nickel and 18% chromium. Functionally it bears a close resemblance to nicrolive 60. It can have a continuous working temperature of 300oC (572oF), finally melting away at 1100 oC (2012oF). Its higher ferrous content makes it a heavy-duty wire ideal for use in heated wire-cutting applications. Apart from having high ductility, this wire also exhibits magnetic properties.


Type Nickel Chromium Wire
Material Nickel
Application electric heating elements, rheostats and resistance units
Color metallic
Features Excellent Quality

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