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Molding Micanite Sheets

We bring forth flawless Molding Micanite Sheets in a wide range of specifications. Molding Micanite Sheets is a lamination is made up of two layers of fine muscovite mica spitting with glass cloth. They are bonded together using a B stage epoxy resin. Molding Micanite Sheets facilitate end-winding on high voltage machines. They provide excellent corona-resistant insulation and are capable of withstanding high voltage partial discharge when fully cured to form rigid laminates.


Ruby Mica Hot Molding Micanite Sheet is made by depositing highly-flexible, thin films of high-quality muscovite mica splittings on top of each other till the required thickness is attained.


Currently, hot molding micanite sheet is available with two choices of binding agent. Alkyd resin-bound sheets stay flexible at room-temperature and is cured completely at 180oC. Whereas, shellac resin-bonded sheets stay rigid at room-temperature and have to be preheated to gain flexibility before curing it completely at 150 oC to form a rigid and robust insulation.


Application : Armature coil ground-insulation, armatures slots, windings and coil insulation, end-winding turn insulation, bracing rings and V-Ring manufacturing.



Standard Sheet

  • Length : 1000 mm
  • Width : 1000 mm
  • Thicknes : 0.1 to 1mm

(Sheets can be sheared to customized sizes)


Packing : Sheets are packed in airtight robust wooden boxes protecting them from dirt, dust and moisture. The packaging also ensures safe transit and storage.


Storage : 10 months at < 20oC

Product Data


Test Method



Thickness Tolerance

IEC 60371-2



Mica content

IEC 60371-2



Resin Content

IEC 60371-2



Breakdwon voltage

IEC 60243-1


> 18

Winding property




Note : Data is based on tests performed by ruby mica. Users are advised to verify and ensure suitability for intended applications. The above product can be tailored according to your desired specifications.